Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Figurative language blog

Cooper Caviness

English 9


In Lord of the Flies the boys are fighting for their lives on a forsaken island. As the novel progresses, the inner demons in everyone begin to leak out of the boys. Without any sign of life in the horizon, Ralph and the rest are realizing that they may never leave this island. On page 104, the quote “The taut blue horizon encircled them, broken only by the mountain-tops.” This description of the setting really sets forth the futile attempts of signaling for the nonexistent help which lies beyond the horizon. Golding conveys the sheer hopelessness the boys are feeling in some sort of a way. When I try to visualize the quote, this is what I see:

This image is of Death Valley (quite aptly named) as you can see vivid blue skyline unbroken without a cloud in the sky. If you look at the foreground, there is no signs of life as far as the eye can see. No vegetation, no wildlife, just grainy soil dusting the desolate landscape. The boys in Lord of the Flies can feel that emptiness in them where the routine of everyday life used to be. In my opinion, this quote does a remarkable job of simultaneously conveying the setting and the underlying feelings of everyone on the island.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stanford Prison Experiment

Cooper Caviness

When Philip Zimbardo conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971, by absolutely no means did he expect the outcome to rise to such a inhumane magnitude. When the prison guards began to hit and abuse the prisoners, things got out of control. Just the fact that the experiment had to be stopped after only 6 of the 14 days shows how horrible awry the situation became. This is relatable to when Jack tortured Wilfred for no reason at all. When people get into a situation where it is acceptable to preform greivous acts against humanity, it is very likely to occur.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mob mentality blog

Steve Bartman was just a Cubs fan, but when he interfered with a potential out in the 8th inning of game 6 in the 2003 ALCS, he has been shunned by the entire Cubs fan base. The Cubs have not won a world series since 1903 nor have they appeared in one since the 1945 season. Finally after 100 years, the 2003 Chicago cubs were one of the best teams in baseball and were predicted by many to go on and face the New York Yankees in the World series. However when Bartman went after a potential souvenir cause a colossal meltdown. The opposing Florida Marlins ended up turning this into an 8 run inning and went on to win 8-3 and went on to take game 7 and represent the National League in the World series. When Bartman was escorted out of Wrigley Field, he was bombarded with curses and beer cans as he disappeared from the sport forever.

Mob mentality

The word "Mob" comes with a negative connotation, regardless of the context. Even when the crowd of a Black Eyed Peas concert preforms a flash mob for Oprah's 25th season, it has that word "Mob" giving it a hint of negative vibes. It is much harder to think of a good use of mob than a bad one. In Lord of The Flies, the boys exhibit ghastly and inhumane acts that infringe upon almost everyone's ethical code. From the word go, these boys have bickered and fought. There are no positive examples of mob mentality here in my opinion. The most glaring example of this is in Chapter 9 when Simon is killed due to a misunderstanding

Friday, February 26, 2016

Can You Teach People to Have Empathy?

Cooper Caviness

Empathy is a basic human trait. Even the article states that only 2% of the human population cannot emphasize with other people. To fall within that 2% of people would mean you never have and never will have the capacity to walk in somebody else's shoes. Obviously, these people who cannot emphasize mostly have psychopathic tendencies and other mental illness that prevents reasoning with the feelings of others impossible. However the article instead focuses on having the 98% "tap into their emphatic potential in everyday life." Really now? Would it really make all the difference if we took some dudes test? I'm not sure but when the average person scores a 26 out of 36 on the first try, it almost contradicts the message of the test itself. To score so well the first time is indicative of empathy being a basic human trait, but to train ourselves to be even more emphatic seems like a futile effort.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Steve Largent mental illness

 Mental illness has always been prevalent in everyday life. Most parents have a hard time explaining to their children why that man or woman looks different than everybody else. It's only when someone with a mental illness finds a way into your life, you start to view the world differently. When Seattle Seahawks superstar wide receiver Steve Largent had his fourth child Kramer, he broke into tears. Steve's dad left him when he was young so the absence of a father figure haunted him throughout his childhood, and to now be faced with a huge challenge in his chapter of fatherhood would push him to new levels of understanding. There wasn't any true special treatment given to Kramer as he grew up; only his Spinal Bifida made things more difficult to function. When Kramer was born with a birth defect, Steve never expected to be able to play catch or go fishing together, but because Steve treated Kramer the same as everybody else, it allowed him to overcome many obstacles.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Grudes: Healthy Or Harmful?

It's the 2000 NFL draft. The New England Patriots are on the clock in pick 199 in round 6 of the draft. Their choice was Michigan quaterback Tom Brady. He fought for a starting job in college and the odds of him ever playing a snap in the NFL were slim to none. Despite the world seemingly being against him, he blossomed into one of the most successful quaterbacks in NFL history. Having that chip on your shoulder can drive you to prove everyone that doesn't believe in you wrong. If you start at the bottom, you must claw you way up to the top. Grugdes aren't reasons to act harshly however, they're reasons to do that extra free throw and take those extra five swings in the cages, for it's the satisfaction of being better than what you're supposed to be that drives many athletes including myself around the world.