Thursday, December 17, 2015

Grudes: Healthy Or Harmful?

It's the 2000 NFL draft. The New England Patriots are on the clock in pick 199 in round 6 of the draft. Their choice was Michigan quaterback Tom Brady. He fought for a starting job in college and the odds of him ever playing a snap in the NFL were slim to none. Despite the world seemingly being against him, he blossomed into one of the most successful quaterbacks in NFL history. Having that chip on your shoulder can drive you to prove everyone that doesn't believe in you wrong. If you start at the bottom, you must claw you way up to the top. Grugdes aren't reasons to act harshly however, they're reasons to do that extra free throw and take those extra five swings in the cages, for it's the satisfaction of being better than what you're supposed to be that drives many athletes including myself around the world.

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