Friday, January 29, 2016

Steve Largent mental illness

 Mental illness has always been prevalent in everyday life. Most parents have a hard time explaining to their children why that man or woman looks different than everybody else. It's only when someone with a mental illness finds a way into your life, you start to view the world differently. When Seattle Seahawks superstar wide receiver Steve Largent had his fourth child Kramer, he broke into tears. Steve's dad left him when he was young so the absence of a father figure haunted him throughout his childhood, and to now be faced with a huge challenge in his chapter of fatherhood would push him to new levels of understanding. There wasn't any true special treatment given to Kramer as he grew up; only his Spinal Bifida made things more difficult to function. When Kramer was born with a birth defect, Steve never expected to be able to play catch or go fishing together, but because Steve treated Kramer the same as everybody else, it allowed him to overcome many obstacles.

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