Friday, February 26, 2016

Can You Teach People to Have Empathy?

Cooper Caviness

Empathy is a basic human trait. Even the article states that only 2% of the human population cannot emphasize with other people. To fall within that 2% of people would mean you never have and never will have the capacity to walk in somebody else's shoes. Obviously, these people who cannot emphasize mostly have psychopathic tendencies and other mental illness that prevents reasoning with the feelings of others impossible. However the article instead focuses on having the 98% "tap into their emphatic potential in everyday life." Really now? Would it really make all the difference if we took some dudes test? I'm not sure but when the average person scores a 26 out of 36 on the first try, it almost contradicts the message of the test itself. To score so well the first time is indicative of empathy being a basic human trait, but to train ourselves to be even more emphatic seems like a futile effort.