Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stanford Prison Experiment

Cooper Caviness

When Philip Zimbardo conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971, by absolutely no means did he expect the outcome to rise to such a inhumane magnitude. When the prison guards began to hit and abuse the prisoners, things got out of control. Just the fact that the experiment had to be stopped after only 6 of the 14 days shows how horrible awry the situation became. This is relatable to when Jack tortured Wilfred for no reason at all. When people get into a situation where it is acceptable to preform greivous acts against humanity, it is very likely to occur.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mob mentality blog

Steve Bartman was just a Cubs fan, but when he interfered with a potential out in the 8th inning of game 6 in the 2003 ALCS, he has been shunned by the entire Cubs fan base. The Cubs have not won a world series since 1903 nor have they appeared in one since the 1945 season. Finally after 100 years, the 2003 Chicago cubs were one of the best teams in baseball and were predicted by many to go on and face the New York Yankees in the World series. However when Bartman went after a potential souvenir cause a colossal meltdown. The opposing Florida Marlins ended up turning this into an 8 run inning and went on to win 8-3 and went on to take game 7 and represent the National League in the World series. When Bartman was escorted out of Wrigley Field, he was bombarded with curses and beer cans as he disappeared from the sport forever.

Mob mentality

The word "Mob" comes with a negative connotation, regardless of the context. Even when the crowd of a Black Eyed Peas concert preforms a flash mob for Oprah's 25th season, it has that word "Mob" giving it a hint of negative vibes. It is much harder to think of a good use of mob than a bad one. In Lord of The Flies, the boys exhibit ghastly and inhumane acts that infringe upon almost everyone's ethical code. From the word go, these boys have bickered and fought. There are no positive examples of mob mentality here in my opinion. The most glaring example of this is in Chapter 9 when Simon is killed due to a misunderstanding