Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Figurative language blog

Cooper Caviness

English 9


In Lord of the Flies the boys are fighting for their lives on a forsaken island. As the novel progresses, the inner demons in everyone begin to leak out of the boys. Without any sign of life in the horizon, Ralph and the rest are realizing that they may never leave this island. On page 104, the quote “The taut blue horizon encircled them, broken only by the mountain-tops.” This description of the setting really sets forth the futile attempts of signaling for the nonexistent help which lies beyond the horizon. Golding conveys the sheer hopelessness the boys are feeling in some sort of a way. When I try to visualize the quote, this is what I see:

This image is of Death Valley (quite aptly named) as you can see vivid blue skyline unbroken without a cloud in the sky. If you look at the foreground, there is no signs of life as far as the eye can see. No vegetation, no wildlife, just grainy soil dusting the desolate landscape. The boys in Lord of the Flies can feel that emptiness in them where the routine of everyday life used to be. In my opinion, this quote does a remarkable job of simultaneously conveying the setting and the underlying feelings of everyone on the island.